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TVS Notated Vocal Workouts

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A product for teachers and students of singing that like to have the TVS vocal workouts in notation. This offering is great for voice teachers and collectors of unique vocal workout (vocalize) books. The vocalize include 11 classic workouts from the late Maestro David P. Kyle and 26 contemporary workouts created by Robert Lunte, founder of TVS. The 26 contemporary workouts include 6 Pentatonic blues workouts and 6 "groove" workouts that have a pop music feel to them. There is no collection of notated vocalize quite like this! 

1 Book of Vocalize Notation & Includes 2 DVDs:

  • 1 CD of all workouts with a "guide" that demonstrates the vocal lines.
  • 1 CD of solo piano recordings of every workout.

VIDEO: Introducing The TVS Notated Vocalises

Each vocalize book comes with 1 guide CD of audible, midi cues on how the vocalizes are to be performed by the singer, with the piano accompaniment and a 2nd CD of all the workouts recorded with solo piano, without the midi guides.

Add this collection of contemporary vocalize to your library of unique and rare vocal workout books.